June 12, 2012

Summer Reading

A few days ago, I  took Alice to the Chavez Central Library to clear our fines (whoops) and to sign her up for this year's Summer Reading Program.

I confess it had been a while since she last visited the library - and this time, she was old enough to better understand what it's all about. What fun to see her so thrilled by all those books! I almost couldn't keep up.

To participate in the Summer Reading Program, go to any branch and pick up a reading log. It looks a little like a bingo card with boxes to check off as activities - things like "Attend a Library Program" and "Read or Share a Folk or Fairytale" -  are completed.

This week, we're working on "Read or Share a Book by an Author You Have Not Read Before" (Gunilla Bergstrom), and we're planning to go back to the Chavez branch to see the Fratello Marionettes.

Once six square are completed, we're eligible for a special "halfway prize," and when we've worked our way through all 12 boxes, we can return our reading log in exchange for a free book. Hooray!

(There are also summer programs for teens and adults).

Don't have a library card yet? Darn. But don't worry! It's free and pretty easy to get one - visit your library with a valid ID and proof of home address to get started.

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