December 13, 2012

Advent Calendars

advent calendar pouches

I love a countdown.

Every year when we were kids, my grandmother would buy my cousins and brothers and I one of those imported-from-Germany, chocolate-filled advent calendars - the kind where you pop open a little cardboard window for every day in December.

It was my favorite part of the holiday season.

I still love an advent calendar, and this year, Alice is old enough to look forward to the ritual of counting down days until Christmas. I sewed pouches out of some scrap fabric to make the simple advent calendar strung under our mantel. Each pouch is filled with a piece of chocolate or a couple of stickers or some other trinket - and her excitement at opening a new one each day makes a tiny surprise seem like a treasure.

advent pouch

Does your family keep an advent calendar? A new one every year or a much-loved heirloom that's carefully taken out of storage each December?

No advent calendar? Well, the month may be half over, but I say it's not too late. Starting tomorrow gives you a nice 10-day countdown, after all, which sounds perfectly fun to me.

fabric advent calendar

P.S. Oh, man. I'm feeling really bad about the unexpected and unexplained break from posting. Here's my excuse: We're expecting another baby! (Talk about a countdown). I'm over the moon about it, of course, but those early months took a lot out of me. Feeling better now, though, so here's to the return of energy.
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