December 20, 2012

DIY: Snow Globes

snow globe in a babyfood jar

Snow globes are my favorite.

Yours too?

I used to love carefully unpacking my mom's collection every year at Christmastime. And even still, they make me smile whenever I see them on visits home for the holidays.

These ones that Alice and I made together aren't so fancy - but they turned out to be almost as captivating.

diy snowglobe

You'll need:
Glass jars with lids - we used babyfood jars, but just about any kind would do
Plastic toys or figurines
Glue - something that will hold up to water
White corn syrup (Glycerin would work too, but we had lots of corn syrup on hand from baking)

Step 1: Thoroughly wash and dry your jars and clean off labels. I hear good things about Goo Gone. But all we used was soap and warm water, and it didn't take too long.

Step 2: Arrange your figurines on the inside of the lid. This was Alice's job. Once she was finished, I glued everything down where she had placed it.

Step 3: While the glue is drying, fill the jar with water, leaving about half an inch at the top.

Step 4: Stir in 2 teaspoons of corn syrup until it dissolves. (If you're using glycerin, you won't need so much). The corn syrup helps the glitter float instead of sinking straight to the bottom of the jar.

Step 5: Add a healthy pinch of glitter and stir.

Step 6: Replace the lid with the figurines attached and close tightly. Give your snow globe a shake. If everything looks fantastic, take off the lid, add some glue to the threads on the jar and close it up again.

diy snowglobe

Pretty right?

You could paint the lid or add some trim to make things more festive.

(Just for kicks, we made a dino snow globe too).

diy dinosaur snow globe

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