December 18, 2012

DIY: Super Simple Favor Bags

paper gift bags for christmas

In that last week before Christmas, it's nice to have a few extra gifts on hand for friends, co-workers, neighbor and teachers. And I think homemade goodies do the job nicely - especially when they come in cute packaging.

These little favor pouches were really easy to make and - filled with sweet treats - make charming tokens of holiday cheer.

You'll need:
Brown paper bags (both grocery bags or lunch bags will work)
Bright thread or ribbon
(Optional) Scrapbooking scissors with a fancy edge
A sewing machine OR a small hole-punch

Step 1: Cut your bags into squares or rectangles. You'll need two pieces (a front and a back) for each pouch.

Step 2: Use a decorative stitch - I used a zig-zag stitch - to sew your pouch together along three edges. If you don't have a sewing machine, punch holes along the edges of the paper. Then, lace a ribbon through to attach the front and back pieces.

Step 3: If you want, finish off the edges with your specialty scissors.

diy paper favor bag

Step 4: Pack with sweets. Mine are filled with homemade caramels - more on that tomorrow - but a couple of cookies would do nicely too, or even some store-bought chocolates.

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