June 5, 2012

Voting Day

KELLOG'S KID, Boy Scout, from the Gallery of the Haggin Museum Leyendecker Collection.

Are you going to vote in today's primary election? Did you already return an absentee ballot? (For help finding your polling place, check with the Registrar of Voters).

Earlier this spring, in a story for San Joaquin Woman Magazine, I talked to some elected officials who happen to be parents (Or is it parents who happen to be elected officials?), about their advice for raising future voters.

Elections like today's, they said, give parents an opportunity to show kids what active citizenship looks like: Talk about the issues you read about in the newspaper. Review the sample ballot as a family. Go to the polling station together.

Another fun way to introduce kids to the democratic process is through children's books, suggests Suzy Daveluy, youth services coordinator for the Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library system. These were some of her recommendations:

So You Want to be President, by Judith St. George
(Available at Chavez, Troke, Tracy, Manteca, Angelou, Escalon, Thornton, Linden, Weston Ranch and the Mobile Library)
"This book presents many unknown facts about the American presidents," Suzy says, "and it might inspire young readers to seek the highest office in our nation."

Duck for President, by Doreen Cronin
(Available at Chavez, Mountain House, Troke, Manteca, Ripon and the Mobile Library)
"This whimsical picture book takes us along Duck's rise to political stardom - fro head of the farm to President of the United States! Duck enters politics to make a change, but soon discovers how difficult political life can be."

LaRue for Mayor: Letters from the Campaign Trail, by Mark Teague
(Available at Chavez, Troke, Tracy, Manteca and Ripon)
"This picture book stars Ike LaRue, a dog who decides that the anti-dog campaigning of mayoral candidate, Chief Bugwort, must be stopped. An inspiring ending.

America Votes: How Our President is Elected, by Linda Granfield
(Available at Chavez and Manteca)
"This non-fiction book for elementary-age students gives a very thorough overview of the political process - from suffrage rights to the duties of the president. A glossary defines important terms."

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