June 6, 2012

Farm Animals at Michael David Winery

Such a really fun way to spend a weekend morning, especially in the spring.

My husband and I were pretty young when we moved to this area. I don't think we thought we were so young. But - oh, man - we were.

And Michael David was the first place we ever went wine-tasting together. Cute, right?

We still enjoy the wine - don't get me wrong - but anymore now, we mostly go to Michael David for sweets at the Farm Cafe, a walk around the grounds, and a peek at the chickens and turkeys and rabbits and goats.

From the Fruit Stand, we pick up picnicky things - peaches and cheese and salami - for ourselves, and a little sack of feed - for Alice to offer the ducks.

Which she thinks is just about the best thing ever.

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