July 24, 2012

A Summer Memory Jar {DailyBuzz Moms 9x9}

When people argue against venturing out with very young kids, the argument often goes something like this: "She's not even going to remember it. Wait until she's older."

And it's true that, at 2-and-a-half, Alice is too young to remember any of the out-and-about adventures we have had so far this summer.

But it's also true that, at 2-and-a-half, she is plenty old enough to enjoy those experiences and, moreover, to be enriched by them.

I can help with the memories.

I tend to be a little sentimental when it comes to old ticket stubs and matchbooks and notes from friends - small things that remind me of happy times. I decided to gather up some of the keepsakes we've collected this summer to into a little memory jar for Alice. Something we can save and open up a few years from now, and a few years after that - whenever she wants to hear stories about what her family was like when she was very small.

There is the ticket from her first professional baseball game. She ate a warm pretzel and cheered for every hit, no matter the team.

There is a tiny packet of seeds left over from the vegetable garden we planted a few months ago - our very first as a family.

Some seashells from our visit to the Monterey Bay, and

Pebbles from the shore of Lake Superior - the lake was too choppy that day to skip rocks, but she spent a quiet 40 minutes simply tossing them into the water.

Her favorite purple sunglasses. Very Ooh-la-la.

And a penny I found while stopping for gas on our mama-daughter drive to Los Angeles. Three hundred fifty miles isn't really so long when you think about it. Still. It felt like an adventure, and if there was a little bit of extra luck left in our path, I was going to take it.

Then I tucked in my favorite sunshiney picture - with a tiny note handwritten on the back, just a few lines to capture what I'll always remember about Alice's 2-year-old summer.

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