July 30, 2012


Although our little front-yard garden is happily producing lots of fresh veggies, we also enjoy the variety and, let's face it, novelty (Rattlesnake beans! Lemon cucumbers!) that come with belonging to a CSA.

And we recently switched to a new one.

For a long time, we were getting regular deliveries from Farm Fresh To You. It's a great organization. Truly, I still recommend them highly. But we wanted to try something a little more local and a little less expensive, so we signed up with StocktonHarvest.

Every Friday, a nifty wooden crate filled with naturally grown produce arrives on our doorstep - more than enough for the three of us, and plenty, I'd say, for a family of four even. It's $15 a week.

I think what I like as much as the food is the mission behind it. StocktonHarvest helps generate income for Boggs Tract Community Farm, where much of the produce is grown, and where neighborhood partners are empowered to improve and advocate for their southwest Stockton community.

For more information, call (209) 430-5300 or email stocktonharvest@gmail.com.
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