August 9, 2012

Olympic Reading

Alice was born just before the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and I remember being kept company many nights by late, late rebroadcasts of the winter events. I have to admit, watching the London games over the past couple of weeks has made be a bit nostalgic.

Alice has been digging the Olympics too - definitely more than I thought she would. She's been especially captivated by the diving and likes to demonstrate her interpretation of various dives on my bed. The best.

So, in the spirit of stretching out the Olympic spirit just a bit longer, I thought I'd put together a little list of Olympics-related picture books. All are available through the Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library System.

The Mud Flat Olympics
By James Stevenson
(Copies at Chavez Central Library and Tracy Branch Library)
Animals compete in the Deepest Hole Contest, the All-Snail High Hurdles and the River-Cross Freestyle - before enjoying a picnic lunch and ice cream for dessert.

Get Set! Swim
By Jeannine Atkins
(Copies at Chavez Central Library, and the Troke, Tracy, Manteca and Angelou branch libraries)
A young Latina girl learns about teamwork and family pride while competing in her first swim meet.

By Sean Taylor
(Copies at Chavez Central Library,  the Mobile Library, and the Tracy, Manteca and Weston Ranch branch libraries)
Five-time World Trampolining Champion the Great Elastic Marvel accidentally flips out of a window in the middle of a deadly difficult stunt.

Ziggy's Blue-Ribbon Day
By Claudia Mills
(Copies at Chavez Central Library, and the Troke, Tracy, Manteca, Escalon, Ripon and Linden branch libraries)
No good at running races, long-jumping or even throwing balls, Ziggy dreads track-and-field day.

Dodsworth in London
By Tim Egan
(Copies at Chavez Central Library and Manteca Branch Library)
Dodsworth and his duck arrive in London on a hot air balloon. But at a crowded bus stop, the duck goes missing.
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