February 14, 2013

Baker's Boutique

stockton cupcakes

Sweet Alice celebrated her big third birthday recently, and since we decided not to have a backyard party this year, we wanted to plan something special for her nursery school class.

Last year, on the recommendation of a very smart mama friend, we sent her to school with ladybug cookies from M&W Dutch American Bakery. Adorable.

But this year, she had a taste for something different, so we decided to try mini-cupcakes from Baker's Boutique in the Stone Creek Village shopping center. Alice had a tough time deciding between chocolate and vanilla, so we ordered a dozen of each, topped with buttercream then dipped in hot-pink sanding sugar.

We ordered on a Tuesday and picked up on a Thursday.

At which point we shared this terrible Veruca Salt moment: When the cashier opened the pastry box to show Alice her gorgeous treats, my daughter exclaimed, "I don't want cupcakes!"

Oh, man. Can I explain? Above the cash register at Baker's Boutique is a really beautiful Little Mermaid display cake, and Alice decided, then and there, that that's what she really wanted. Tell me you've been there.

stockton cupcakes


She came around quickly. The cupcakes were as delicious - moist and light - as they were pretty, and the kiddos seemed to really enjoy them.

(I should also admit to sampling a couple more cupcakes since then. My favorite is the chocolate BB - it's a chocolate cake, filled and topped with vanilla buttercream, then dipped in chocolate ganache. So tough to resist. Though I really should).

Go to the Baker's Boutique Facebook page for updates on daily flavor selections, and to find out where you might find their mobile cupcake truck.

stockton cupcakes

In the meantime, what do you think is the best cupcake in town? I feel like this is something I should get to the bottom of.
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