February 6, 2013

DIY Valentines: Super Easy and Candy-Free (Day 4 - Glow Sticks)

This week, I'm sharing some ideas for homemade valentines that are inexpensive and simple to pull off - and that don't involve candy. Up today? Glow sticks.

Glow stick valentine

Don't tell, but I think these are the ones Alice will bring to school next week. 

Who doesn't love a glow stick?

These came from the party-favor aisle at Target and cost a few dollars for a pack of 5. (There are also glow-y necklaces and bracelets, glasses and swords ...)

I looped a festive ribbon through the hole on top and attached each glow stick to a card with some baker's twine. I'd also recommend a dot of glue or rubber cement to make the valentine a little more secure.

I don't expect the glow to last very long - but neither would a candy bar. And, hopefully, these are just a little bit more memorable and out of the ordinary.

Glow stick valentine

Find more homemade Valentine's Day ideas right here.

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