July 2, 2013

How to Make No-Sew Fabric Flowers

Last week's bandana bib project left me with enough scraps for some pretty little fabric flowers. They make a fun - and quick - Fourth of July accessory, and no sewing is required.

To make some you need:
  • Fabric (I used cotton bandanas, but you could use anything you like or have around, as long as it's fairly lightweight. For each flower, you'll need four circles, each about 3 inches in diameter.)
  • Spray starch
  • Twine or string

First, trace four circles on your fabric and cut them out. The bigger the circles, the bigger the flower, obviously. I used a mason jar lid as a guide.

Spray the circles with starch and press each one.

Make a stack of four circles, alternating colors, if you like. Then, spray with starch again and fold the stack, accordian-style. You should be able to get three folds - over, under, over. Press.

Pinch the center of the folded stack so that it looks like a bow, then tie it off tightly with twine - sewing thread isn't going to be strong enough.

When the starch has dried, carefully separate and pull up each fabric layer so they look like petals.

And that's it.

fabric flowers

Fasten the rosettes to safety pins or hairpins. Or, string up a chain to make a garland. A little more starch or some hairspray should keep the edges from fraying too badly.

fabric flowers
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