June 7, 2012

Roller Rink

Images from the LIFE Photo Archive

Recently in The Record newspaper, reporter Jo Ann Kirby wrote a fun story about the return of the roller rink.

Stockton's last public roller skating rink, Hammer Skate, closed in 2006 after almost 30 years in operation. (A loss captured charmingly in another piece of fantastic writing. I'm partial.)

But a new rink has since been opened at Stockton Indoor Sports Complex. Public skate sessions are held Saturday afternoons, and Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

The facility also hosts roller hockey, indoor soccer, volleyball and birthday parties - and is the home of the Port City Roller Girls roller derby team.

So, do you skate?

I'm not so steady on my feet in general and even clumsier on wheels. In fact, in the sixth grade, I broke my arm at a roller rink birthday party.


It always sounds like huge fun to me.

Ha! I love this photo. It's the hair in the face.

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